Harpers Bazaar

Harpers Bazaar

Louisa was selected as one of Harpers Bazaar’s experts & shares her fitness & wellness tips for attainable resolutions.

Louisa Drake Method in Harper's Bazaar

"Everyone knows that getting up early for a workout is not easy, but this year, your resolution should be to think about what you do before you go to bed. If you master your nighttime routine, getting to that class will be far easier.

Aim to be in bed by 11pm so you can catch a decent seven hours sleep. At around 10pm make a calming herbal tea, run a bath with magnesium salts to unwind, set your alarm and limit phone use in the evening. Then pack your bag and lay out your workout kit. Once you wake it’s a simple system of hydrate, refresh, dress, eat and go." ...

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