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LDM Classes

The Louisa Drake Method is a shape-changer which generates a longer, leaner and strengthened body.

A LDM session takes its participants through the most transformative elements of existing fitness disciplines, delivering seamless and choreographed transitions between resistance, conditioning, cardio and stretch. Expect a fitness-fusion, total-body workout which will transform your body, boost your metabolism, burn fat and lean out your physique and challenge your endurance. You will discover muscles that you have never worked before, your skin will glow and stress levels will drop. LDM promises to leave you energised and wanting to come back for more!

LDM Studio

"LDM Sculpt was so hard but it felt so great, very unique ways of working out that worked muscles that are particularly important for women and rarely get reached in other workouts! 5 stars, loved it!"

LDM Client

LDM Refine

LDM REFINE will take your training to the next level. Using the MOTR (Movement On The Roller) you will be taken through a low impact, total body conditioning LDM workout that will improve your alignment, balance, flexibility and transform your physique.

Ideal for Pilates fans, as the MOTR is the newer more versatile version of a reformer. Allowing for more range of motion and more dynamic programming this amazing piece of kit is a match for LDM sessions. Limited to just 5 people in a session it's a close to private training as you can get.

LDM Shape Changer

Aka current signature workout, is an effective cardio and strength total body workout. You will be led through a fusion of rhythmic dance cardio and plyometrics, with muscular endurance and strength work. Burning around 500 calories this class leaves you feeling motivated and wanting to come back for more.

LDM Sculpt

Time to get peachy. A fusion of dynamic Pilates methods with LDM’s signature sculpting and strengthening material. Think Shape Changer without the high impact cardio.

LDM Barre

Uses unique LDM barre choreography & low impact cardio intervals to deliver a total body workout. Long lean physiques are created and you get to channel your inner ballerina.

LDM Reset

This mobility and flexibility class using foam rollers, massage balls that leaves you moving more freely without stress on the body.

LDM Flow

This yoga and stretch class format delivers an energising vinyasa flow practice addressing alignment & emphasis on moving with ease. You will lengthen, strengthen and leave feeling centred. It’s such a treat for your mind and body.

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