The January Reframe Plan.

Are you looking to build a consistent exercise and wellness routine? Do you need to have someone to help hold yourself accountable? Then we have exactly what you’re looking for! The January Reframe Plan is 24-days of curated movement with health and wellness advice which is structured around building the best training plan to reach your goals.

This 24-Day plan includes unlimited access to weekly LDM live-streamed, two-way workouts and the On Demand platform. This unique challenge will allow you to get results in a fun sustainable way whatever your age, fitness goals or ability. After designing fitness plans for thousands of clients with different needs Louisa has devised a plan which is dynamic yet sustainable and will lead to us feeling fitter and healthier in 24 days flat.

During the 24-days you will gain access to her award-winning signature workouts from LDM Sculpt, LDM Shape Changer to barre, dance cardio, express full-body workouts, restorative movement and recovery, all scheduled out appropriately throughout each day of the week to give you the most efficient exercises for overall wellness. Suitable for all ages, fitness levels and pregnancy clients are welcome to take part.

£35 for 24 day-plan.

The January Reframe Plan will increase your fitness, health and well-being this month and beyond.

It provides a diverse mix of exercises from our unique hybrid training method. From strength training, Pilates, yoga, barre and cardio, LDM fuses the best bits of existing disciplines to challenge and change you.

Access to Louisa's structured workout planner, nutritional guidance and lifestyle support. Learn the tools to achieve your best self and improve your physical and mental health with this 360 degree plan.

What to expect.

An easy to follow Louisa Drake designed 24-day online and outdoor movement schedule that will help you stay on track and motivated for the January and beyond. The philosophy is not about over training, instead Louisa and her team are passionate and committed to creating positive and sustainable changes to your fitness, health and well-being with knowledgeable support and guidance.

What's included?
  • Access all areas to her extensive online library of workouts which range from 10 to 50 minutes so it can easily fit into your life

  • Weekly live-streamed classes with Louisa and her expert team. There will be eight live-streamed classes
    scheduled alongside specific online workouts

  • Access to Louisa's workout planner, nutritional guidance and lifestyle support

  • Learn the tools to achieve your best self and improve your physical and mental health

  • Q&A with Louisa for personal insight and accountability

Monday 4th-Saturday 23rd September

Join the LDM Community today to gain our unmatched motivating support to get you where you want to be and regain the empowerment we all deserve.

How do I sign up for The January Reframe Plan?

If you are new to LDM simply join by clicking the button below and sign up to your free 7 day trial. All existing members automatically have access to challenges and plans. Remember you can access us by downloading The Louisa Drake Method app via your IOS or Android app store.