LDM x Bare Biology: Better in 30 Campaign

LDM x Bare Biology: Better in 30 Campaign

Better in 30 is a completely free, lifestyle plan.

Louisa is a big advocate for Bare Biology's fish oil supplements and they are adored by health and beauty professionals alike. Working with founder Melanie Lawson, along with five other lifestyle experts Louisa has contributed to their 2017 Better in 30 campaign. 

Their lifestyle plan combines expert knowledge from six of the best in fitness and training. Louisa Drake along with Leon Taylor, Kay Ali, Palam Michel Vicky Silverthorn and Olga Levancuka will give you achievable, realistic and repeatable actions to take each day for 30 days, helping you form good habits to last through January and beyond.

As Better In 30’s fitness expert she created two workout video’s and contributes her fitness and health tips and advice that has helped some of Hollywood’s leading ladies including Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham.

Sign up here, it's free and you'll be on your way to Better in 30. Think of it as your own life coach, personal trainer and nutritional therapist all rolled into one.