Meet the Team

Louisa Drake - LDM Founder

Louisa Drake

Founder & creator of The Louisa Drake Method, a unique fitness-fusion approach to working out. The Method was created by drawing upon her illustrious industry experience and background as a professional dancer and choreographer, to provide creative and varied sessions that generate lasting results.

Having worked in the industry for over a decade, highlights include training some of Hollywood’s leading ladies, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham as part of Tracy Anderson's elite team in LA and NYC, it was time for Louisa to launch her own method in London.

With her enviable career history and qualifications in Pilates, Barre, Strala yoga and dance - in 2015 Louisa fused her experience and skills to create the “The Louisa Drake Method”. In two short years, it has taken London with sell-out classes and celebrity fans.

LDM Trainer - Sophie Whitwell

Sophie Whitwell

Professionally trained in Dance/Musical Theatre and has performed both in UK tours and abroad and having been a Les Mills instructor Sophie is experienced in leading upbeat group fitness sessions. You are guaranteed to have a tough and fun class with this superstar.

Sophie believes commitment, dedication and passion are vital to leading a happy and healthy lifestyle and translates that through her teaching. P.S steal some of her delicious recipes from Sopha so good we’re addicted!

LDM Trainer - Sophie Ellen Grey

Sophie Ellen Gray

Having trained as a dancer, Sophie discovered yoga about nine years ago as therapy for a back injury. She was amazed by her physical and mental transformation and fell in love with the practice. With her busy London life she combined a dedicated practice to yoga, with dance and Pilates, but found it was yoga that made me feel calmer, more grounded and free in her body. Her thoughts were, "if it feels so good, then why not learn more".

LDM Trainer - Guy Warren-Thomas

Guy Warren-Thomas

Guy's focus on the fitness industry has helped maintain a balance in his hectic day to day working life, alleviating the pressures of London living and gathering strength through group exercise. His goal is to keep class goers balanced, focussed and challenged in their endeavours and loves nothing more than training to feel good music

LDM Trainer - Beth Finch

Beth Finch

Beth's experience as a professional ballet dancer taught her self discipline and perseverance. She is passionate about health and fitness as it has been her life focus since she started professional training from 11 years old. With a wealth of knowledge and experience through her professional dance and fitness career, Beth has taught a combination of barre, ballet, mobility and pilates sessions at London's hotspots. Beth’s classes always deliver the burn with a smile and lots of motivation.

LDM Trainer - Natalie Betts

Natalie Betts

Natalie comes from a professional dance background. She began training as a dancer from an early age, specializing in Classical ballet, Musical Theatre and Jazz. Alongside teaching at the LDM Studios she instructs Barre and still frequently performs.

Natalie's passion for fitness and holistic well-being is associated with her links to the world of medical expertise and anatomical knowledge. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and believes in making her classes challenging but rewarding with a focus on making the whole experience enriching.

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