The July Challenge

The July Challenge

Are you looking for something to help hold yourself accountable with your fitness goals? The Louisa Drake Method has exactly what you’re looking for!

Louisa has created a 31-day curated online and outdoor movement schedule to help you stay on track and stay motivated for an entire month. It's not about training yourself into the ground instead it's about creating positive changes to your fitness, health and well-being with our support and guidance.

The July Challenge provides a diverse mix of exercises that reach every muscle group in your body for that all-encompassing workout. If it’s a fun, full body fitness challenge you’re looking for, this challenge is perfect for you. 

This 31-Day Challenge includes unlimited access to LDM Live-streamed, two-way workouts and to the On Demand platform. Enjoy our award-winning signature workouts from LDM Sculpt, LDM Shape Changer to barre, dance cardio, express full-body workouts, restorative movement and recovery all scheduled out appropriately throughout each day of the week to give you the most efficient exercises for overall wellness. Suitable for all ages, fitness levels and pregnancy clients are welcome to take part.

We are partnering up with other like-minded brands and experts who will be sharing their knowledge and insight into health and wellness topics such as gut health and women’s health throughout the month.

Join the LDM Community today to gain our unmatched motivating support to get you where you want to be and regain the empowerment we all deserve.

Purchase the LDM Ultimate Membership for One Month to join the July Challenge!