The Louisa Drake Method

The Louisa Drake Method

LDM combines all aspects of your fitness regime with elite guidance on health and wellbeing, to enable you to upgrade your lifestyle. When you work with one of LDM’s handpicked team of trainers, you are working to create a stronger, leaner and lengthened physique.

How will we achieve that?

Our methods combine resistance work, conditioning, isometric muscular work, interval training and high-energy cardio. But what really sets our method apart compared to most personal training is the balance and variety of our programmes.

Your training will draw upon aspects of dance, ballet, cardio, pilates, yoga and barre to create a programme that is fun and diverse. It will be tailored to you and created to deliver effective, metabolism boosting & fat burning workouts that keep your mind and body guessing.

The balance of your fitness programme can be complemented by nutritional and lifestyle guidance to achieve balance in other areas of your life. We can offer help and advice on how to adapt your diet and sleep to maximise the results of your training.

At every step, you’ll get the support and motivation you need to achieve and maintain your results.

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