LDM Studio opening this Autumn

I am so thrilled to open my own first boutique fitness studio at the Detox Kitchen, 10 Mortimer Street, Fitzrovia.

Launching on September 4th, the LDM Studio is located on the lower ground floor of Detox Kitchen flagship deli in Fitzrovia, London.

Myself along with my aspirational team of instructors can’t wait to begin teaching a diverse and fresh class timetable, offer private training in house and host monthly events and workshops with the best talent in the wellness industry.

Select from 6 x different LDM class formats:

LDM Shape Changer aka current signature workout that offers LDM’s signature cardio choreography with strength and resistance material to offer an effective total body workout. This format is a fusion of rhythmic dance cardio and plyometrics with muscular endurance and strength work.

LDM Sculpt - Fusion of dynamic Pilates methods with LDM’s signature sculpting and strengthening material. Think Shape Changer without the high impact cardio.

LDM Cardio - Enables you to learn LDM’s signature cardio choreography (fusion of plyometrics and dance cardio which is similar to HIIT training but more varied and less stressful on the joints). Fun and feel good aerobic based workout.

LDM Barre - Uses unique LDM barre choreography & low impact cardio intervals to deliver a total body workout. Long lean physiques are created and you get to channel your inner ballerina.

LDM Reset - Mobility and flexibility class using foam rollers, massage balls that leaves you moving more freely without stress on the body.

LDM Flow - Yoga and stretch class format focussing on moving with ease to lengthen, re-energise and leave you feeling centred.

LDM Pricing

Drop in (55 minute classes) £18
Lunchtime drop in (45 minute classes) £15
Drop in (30 minute classes) £12
Private Training £80

For class packs and introductory offers contact:
e - hello@louisadrake.com
t - 07834 986 879

IG for the LDM Studio @LouisaDrakeMethod
Twitter @Louisadrake_LDM